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BALLA POWDER is the ideal anti-chafing and anti-wetness solution for clammy sacks and the dreaded batwing syndrome. It is the only talc specifically formulated for men's hygiene. Balla Powder is recommended for use in the most sensitive of areas on the male body, but can be used anywhere to keep dry and fresh. It contains Non-Asbestiform Talc which DOES NOT contain carcinogenic asbestos fibers.

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Balla Body Powder for Men - Tingle Formula Balla Tingle Formula Body Powder

A fresh scent and a cool tingle feeling that is guaranteed to jump-start your day in a new, refreshing way.

Price: $17.00
Balla Body Powder for Men - Fragrance-Free Formula Balla Fragrance-Free Formula Body Powder

Perfect for those with sensitive skin or those that prefer to let their cologne do the talking.

Price: $17.00
Balla Original Formula Body Spray Balla Original Formula Body Spray

The perfect blend of natural essentials and Balla's original fragrance delivered in a body spray that leaves you feeling fresh and smelling great.

Price: $20.00