Bold for Men Dry Shave Gel
Bold for Men Dry Shave Gel

Price: $14.00
Size: 4 fl.oz.

Product Code: BM-80019

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Bold For Men Dry Shave™ Gel is the first shave product designed to deliver a “dry” versus a “wet” shave. No water, no foam, no mess – simply wetting the razor is all it takes! It’s perfect for use on the face, head, and anywhere else men shave and is ideal for even the toughest growth.

Bold For Men Dry Shave™ Gel is a unique non-foaming gel that allows for easy razor glide and a close, smooth shave, almost entirely without the use of water. The transparent gel also allows you to see each pass of the razor, reducing repeated strokes in the same area and overall shave time.

Bold For Men Dry Shave™ Gel is formulated with essential botanicals that warm and prep the skin, including oat kernel extract, clove leaf oil, ginger root oil and tea tree oil, which minimize razor burn and leave the skin feeling incredibly revitalized. It also contains bacteria-fighting ingredients, antiseptics, and skin-conditioning humectants, which help protect against ingrown hairs, break-outs, nicks, and cuts. The formula is alcohol free, paraben free and fragrance free.


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