1) What does “Menaji” mean? Who created Menaji?

Menaji (pronounced men-ah-jee) is a word I made up loosely based on two words in the Scandinavian language. Menneske = man and förmagi= power, so it means man-power. I really wanted a European sounding name to market us in the US that actually meant something, unlike Häagen-Dazs. As a celebrity makeup artist I had an "ah-ha" moment after doing a commercial for a law firm. There was nothing available for men other than female or theatrical products. My clients pushed me into developing something just for them. After 3 years of R&D and finding a natural chemist, we started from scratch and went from there. Menaji Skincare has been an LLC since 2000. Michele Probst, Founder and President of Menaji Skincare

2) Menaji focuses quite a bit on natural “make-up” coverage products for men. Is this a growing trend and market for men?

A- We do not refer to any of our color products as "makeup" and we never say the "m" word. B- We call it skincare that looks good on you, and due to the fact that these are skin tone not cosmetic tone products they are virtually undetectable. Absolutely it's a growing trend. Men are the #1 target in the beauty industry who are spending $33 billion dollars on their appearance, hair to toe, in the US alone. Most importantly it's such a global market, and that's why we e-tail and retail all over the world.

3) How does Menaji make these products approachable to men, who historically shy away from what they consider to be women’s only products?

Education is the largest hurdle for men to understand how easy this is to use. We have changed the vocabulary for men to better understand that it's undetectable and no one has to know your secret. Men have never had the education that women had growing up on how to take care of their skin. With the influx of the Internet and men's magazines it makes it so much easier for them to understand and jump on wanting to look healthy.

4) As far as the skin care component of Menaji’s selection, what makes these products unique?

Menaji skin was the first to introduce the world to undetectable, skin tone based cosmetics for men. They are all-natural with organic elements and easy to use.

5) Like most botanical based lines, how to you effectively blend science and nature to create products that deliver results?

We have a team of chemists and dermatologists that we work with for advice to keep on top of the most effective all-natural ingredients.

6) Which product would you say is the most popular stand-out item, and why?

The triple threat is (1) the Hi-Def Anti Shine Powder, (2) our undetectable Camo Concealer, and (3) 911 Eye Gel. Together these three things make you look like the movie star that you are.

7) How do Menaji’s products help with most men’s skin concerns – overall skin health, anti-aging, shine and breakouts?

We have a regimen within the line to help men with all of their obvious skincare needs. The brilliance of these products is that there is no down time, you will see immediate results.

8) Any new and exciting products in the near future you can tell us about?

Yes, and we always try to stay two steps ahead of everybody else. We constantly have the superior product in the marketplace.

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